Morning Sessions with Justin Michalek

Take a look at this edition of our Foamcarver Series, featuring local surfer Justin Michalek on a locally shaped single fin log, Arthur "Toots" Anchinges, and soundtrack by local artist The Drowning Dreamers Band.

I spent a couple hours with Justin out at one of his favorite spots and we got to chat a little. From Moiliili, he's only been surfing for about 7 years and his favorite is on a single fin log. He rides a 10' log shaped by Arthur "Toots" Anchinges (@mr._t00ts). The dimensions are 10' x 3 1/8" x 23 1/4" with double 7.5oz Volan glassing. He's also using a 10 1/2" True Aims Heritage single fin.

Besides surfing, his other interests are horticulture, reading and photography and loves learning anything he can. One day he wants to be able to work in real estate and continue to do what he loves, surfing. You can also find Justin taking long walks on the beach (just kidding).

When asked what "Lost Not Found" means to him, his answer, "to be intentionally lost in whatever you're doing or where ever you're at."

You can find Justin at his local spots, Bowls and Threes, and featured soundtrack by local artist The Drowning Dreamers Band (@drowningdreamers) is playing this Thursday, 10/25/18 at the Honolulu Printmakers (@honoluluprintmakers) live studio at 6:30pm (free). Check them out for more information.