Twin fins

Based on the 'mini-tanker' twin fin fish, Nova is the most user friendly design of our twin fin lineup. It's a high volume, low rocker, neutral bottom contour, small wave design for a wide range of wave conditions.

It has a broad nose and drawn tail at 11” wide dove swallow and extra thickness giving you an ‘on the water’ surfing feel. The flat bottom to spiral vee at the back gives you a forgiving sweet spot and makes it easy to penetrate the rail into the wave face freeing up the board for smooth flowing turns.

Great paddler for hours of fun in small waves in knee to chest high and above wave conditions.

Craig Kawamura
Available lengths:
5’2” - 6’0”
Typical Dimensions:
5'-6" x 20 5/8" x 2 5/8"
Lamination (Deck):
6 oz + 4 oz silane deck patch
Lamination (Bottom):
6 oz + 6 oz silane fin patch
Glass on keels twin fins by Island Fin Designs

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