9'-7" Zen Volan

$1,490.00 USD

Dimensions: 9'-7" x 22 3/4" x 3 1/4"

The graceful style, feeling and glide of traditional 60’s noseriding is timeless. Inspired by Rick Surfboards and Bing Nuuhiwa's noserider design techniques, Zen features a low continuous rocker with a slight acceleration in the last 12” of the tail.

A lightly crowned deck and minimum rail line foiling allows for a true 50/50 rail. The fuller rails are less likely to burry when pushed hard through turns and also adds extra stability when walking to and from the nose. It also features a deep blended spoon concave under the nose for a stable noseriding experience.

This noserider has a smooth and stable feel and is best in knee to chest high wave conditions.