9'-5" Zen - Featuring Nini Narvaez

Linked up with Nini Narvaez on her 9'-5" Zen. Check out a couple waves we stitched together of her ultra smooth style.

We caught up with Nini (@ninnss) at one of her favorite South Shore breaks on Oahu with her 9'-5" Zen. She's using a 10" Palaka Pivot Fin with it.

Zen perfectly compliments Nini's graceful glide and style that we see in traditional 60's noseriding. Inspired by Rick Surfboards and Bing Nuuhiwa's noserider design techniques, it features a low continuous rocker with a slight acceleration in the last 12" of the tail.

A lightly crowned deck and minimum rail line foiling allows for a true 60/40 rail. The fuller rails are less likely to burry when pushed hard through turns and also adds extra stability when walking to and from the nose. It also features a deep blended spoon concave under the nose for a stable noseriding experience.