Foamcarver Series

Stories, videos, photos and memories of all that is humbling and all that is inspiring.

9'-7 1/2" GURU with Bronson Sterling

Watch the relationship of a shaper and a surfer unfold...

The Path to Inner Peace and the Perfect Single Fin...

An early winter bump, glassy conditions, Keoki Saguibo, and the Zen - watch what went down...

9’-6” GURU with Keoki Saguibo

Developing a log with nose control and deeper turning in Mexico...

9'-5" Zen - Featuring Nini Narvaez

Linked up with Nini Narvaez on her 9'-5" Zen. Check out a couple waves we stitched together of her ultra smooth style.

Lost Not Found - 10” Green Palaka Pivot

We put our new 10" Palaka Pivot fin onto our 9'-7" Zen log and let Fritz go to town with it... check out how it performs.

10’-6” Ultrafish Featuring Mackenzie Yoshida

During a small summer pulse, our buddy Mackenzie Yoshida and Mike Ito got together for a couple days to shoot a little clip on a 10'-6" Ultrafish.

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