Foamcarver Series

Stories, videos, photos and memories of all that is humbling and all that is inspiring.

9’-6” GURU with Keoki Saguibo

Developing a log with nose control and deeper turning...

9'-5" Zen - Featuring Nini Narvaez

Linked up with Nini Narvaez on her 9'-5" Zen. Check out a couple waves we stitched together of her ultra smooth style.

Lost Not Found - 10” Green Palaka Pivot

We put our new 10" Palaka Pivot fin onto our 9'-7" Zen log and let Fritz go to town with it... check out how it performs.

10’-6” Ultrafish Featuring Mackenzie Yoshida

During a small summer pulse, our buddy Mackenzie Yoshida and Mike Ito got together for a couple days to shoot a little clip on a 10'-6" Ultrafish.

Morning Sessions with Justin Michalek

Take a look at this edition of our Foamcarver Series, featuring local surfer Justin Michalek on a locally shaped single fin log, Arthur "Toots" Anchinges, and soundtrack by local artist The Drowning Dreamers Band.

Tribute to Uncle China’s 34th Annual Longboard Surfing Classic

Spent the past weekend hanging out with all of the Waikiki Ohana to enjoy nothing but good vibes at Uncle China's Longboard Surfing Classic! Enjoy!

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