Modern Classic

A “guru” is defined as an inspirational leader to help guide a student’s spiritual path.

While working with some of Hawaii’s best loggers (single-fin gurus) we developed an all-around model that has more focus on nose riding control and the ability to put the board on rail more during turns.

We accomplish this by decreasing the nose width, adding more vee and rocker through out the back and extending the concave entry out further.

Unique to the Guru is an exaggerated deck curve which gives the board a springy feel when riding it.

Watch a short clip on the Guru with Bronson Sterling...

Craig Kawamura
Available lengths:
9’3” - 10’0”
Typical Dimensions:
9'-7" x 22" x 3"
Lamination (Deck):
Volan 8 oz + 6 oz silane deck patch
Lamination (Bottom):
Volan 8 oz + 6 oz silane fin patch
Single fin box

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