Based on the "Mini-Simmons", Subra is an ultra short small wave design. The parallel plan-shape allows for a super short yet full outline that is mind-blowing fast and maneuverable.

The bottom of the board is designed with a single concave to spiral vee contour and is combined with a quad set-up giving you instant acceleration and directional speed through turns.

Extra thickness gives you great paddling and buoyancy but the nose and tail area have been thinned out to reduce pivotal weight.

Best for waves in the waist to head high conditions.

Craig Kawamura
Available lengths:
5’0” - 5’7”
Typical Dimensions:
5'-6" x 22" x 2 5/8"
Lamination (Deck):
6 oz + 4 oz silane deck patch
Lamination (Bottom):
6 oz + 6 oz silane fin patch
Future Quad Fins

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