Zenith is smooth, simple and uncomplicated with trim speed to run down any section. A timeless plan-shape inspired by Hobie’s Phil Edwards Model, DT’s Jacobs Model and Rich Harbor’s Trestle Special.

The additional weight added by the beautiful triple stringers and cut lap volan glassing provides power and glide. This is the ultimate board for a lazy Sunday cruise session at your favorite reef or point break.

The Classic has a 17" Nose and 15.75” tail suitable for knee to chest high conditions for a stable and solid feeling log.

Craig Kawamura
Available lengths:
9’2” - 10’0”
Typical Dimensions:
9'-7" x 23" x 3 1/4"
Lamination (Deck):
Volan 8 oz + 6 oz silane deck patch
Lamination (Bottom):
Volan 8 oz + 6 oz silane fin patch
Single fin box

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