Mid Length

Ben Aipa was not only a master shaper but also an accomplish surfing coach. Well before surf coaching was the norm, Ben was coaching top pros like Brad Gerlach, Sunny Garcia, Taylor Knox, Kalani Robb, Koa and Alex Smith to name a few.

Part of Ben’s training routine was to have the students ride single fin boards to teach them how trim, generate their own speed and surf on the rail. Spree is a tribute to the master shaper, mentor, teacher and coach who broke surfing down to its most simplistic form to inspire us all to look within and create our own greatness with what we have.

Some of the  features that you'll find on this design is a single to double concave bottom, angular rails with an edge for bite and acceleration. It has a medium volume and plan-shape.

The best conditions for this board might be knee to chest high waves.

Craig Kawamura
Available lengths:
5’9” - 8'-0”
Typical Dimensions:
6'-1" x 21" x 2 9/16"
Lamination (Deck):
6 oz + 6 oz silane deck patch
Lamination (Bottom):
6 oz + 6 oz silane fin patch
Single Fin Box

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